1. Double diapering is not an effective treatment of DDH.
  2. This AUC addresses typical non-teratogenic/non-syndromic DDH.  This addresses DDH in an otherwise healthy, normally developing child.
  3. The literature definitions of family history of DDH range from unspecified hip disorders to hip dislocation and from first degree relative (parents and siblings), to any relative (even if distant or vague) with hip problems or DDH.
  4. Corrected gestational age: Infant age should be based on corrected gestational age.
  5. Skilled and quality ultrasound evaluation should be available.
  6. Breech presentation is felt to be a particularly strong risk factor for DDH even in the face of a normal physical exam. Recommendation is for screening ultrasound at 6 weeks and a single AP pelvis radiograph at 6 months.


Volunteer physicians from multiple medical specialties created and categorized these Appropriate Use Criteria. These Appropriate Use Criteria are not intended to be comprehensive or a fixed protocol, as some patients may require more or less treatment or different means of diagnosis. These Appropriate Use Criteria represent patients and situations that clinicians treating or diagnosing musculoskeletal conditions are most likely to encounter. The clinician’s independent medical judgment, given the individual patient’s clinical circumstances, should always determine patient care and treatment.

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